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Colca Cayon: Is the main atraction of the area. It must be done in a 2 days excursion or more. Thats one of the deepest canyons in the world and a great chance to see wild condors. I'm not religious but is also nice to see some ofe the city monasteries as the Santa Catalina one that is special cause is a little closed citadelle with all the facilities inside. The Cathedral at the Plaza de armas is also beautiful and some visits to a colonial houses like Casa de los Mendiburos, Casa del Moral or Goyeneche Palace.

Tingo: Located south of Arequipa, this town with its watering places and small lagoon, as well as weekly cockfights, attracts large Sunday crowds.

Yura: Located 25 km (15.5 miles) north of Arequipa, near the volcano Chachani. This is a population on which exists watering places assorted by springs of thermomedicinal water, ferruginous water and sulfurous water. It has lodging for patients and tourists. It also has a beautiful chapel. Very close to this place at the north part you can find the Socosani springs.

Cayma: Is located in a high area. Cayma offers a excellent view of Arequipa and is often referred as the "Balcony of Arequipa". On the main square, the ancient church of San Miguel Arcangel (1730) is considered to be a jewel of the blended styles of colonial architecture. To the right of the temple is a dining room called "Comedor de Bolívar" and a small art museum. Here it is also a traditional celebration of the Feast of "Virgen de la Candelaria".

It's possible to climb up to the roof of the church (daily 9am-4pm).

Quequeña: Located in the countryside, 15,000 year-old stone carvings can be found near the town.

Yanahuara: Is also located in a high area, it has a main plaza with a beautiful church (1750), whose facade is finely sculpted in ashlar. Nearby you can find Yanahuara's "mirador" (or scenic overlook) which affords an beautiful view of the city of Arequipa.

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