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Normally is known as Ciudad de la Amistad (The City of Friendship, because of the kindness and warmth of its people, Chiclayo is located in a region which was home to important pre-Hispanic cultures, such as the Mochica (1st to 7th centuries A.C.) and the Lambayeque (7th to 10th centuries A.C.) which remains, found in different times and circumstances, continue to amaze the world.

The founding of Chiclayo has not been recorded in Spanish history.

In its valleys flourished many important pre-Inca cultures, such as "Lambayeque or Sicán", "Mochica" and "Chimú". Part of its culture and treasures can be seen in Lambayeque at the Brüning Museum and the new Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum and Sicán National Museum.

Habitually the Colony, it was only a simple Indian village in the road that connected Zaña and Lambayeque. Colony constructions does not exist, nevertheless today it is a city in full development process, having important discoveries as a main entrance, such as "El Señor de Sipán" (Lord of Sipán) at Huaca Rajada (important master discovered in 1987 with his in-life treasures), "Señor de Sicán" at Batangrande and Túcume and many more.

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