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The city of Chiclayo

The city of Chiclayo is the capital of Lambayeque departament; is located in the north zone of Peruvian’s coast and also has a Mountain region. Chiclayo is known because of its beautiful colonial architecture, excellent warm weather, and beautiful beaches with spectacular waves, which are frequently visited by those who love the ocean and surfing.

The beautiful city of Chiclayo “With a population around 625,000, Chiclayo is the fourth-largest city in Peru. In 1987, a royal Moche tomb at Sipán about 30km southeast of Chiclayo, was located by researches. This find proved to be extraordinary, and has been called the most important archaeological discovery in Peru in the last 50 years. Peruvian archaeologists have recovered hundreds of dazzling and priceless artifacts from the site, and a tourists infrastructure is developing”.

“Chiclayo is the major commercial hub of the zone, but also boasts distinctive cuisine and musical tradition (Tondero, Marinera and Afro-Indian rhythms), a famous witch doctors’ market and an unparalleled archaeological. Chiclayo is kwon “The Capital of Friendship”, and while that tag could equally apply to most of the north coast of Peru”.

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