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Folklore Chiclayo

The city of Chiclayo famous for its lively dances, Tondero Fol and Duch as Marinera. Medicine using herbs and other products, and magical rites are widely practiced. Cock fights gather numerous aficionados at family meeting and festivitiers. The presentation of experts chalanes riding gait horses is a traditional scene.

Tourist Calendar:
March 14.
Señor Cautivo de Monsefú. The people of Monsefú, great weavers and embroiderers, dress themselves with their best typical costumes to honor the Señor Cautivo.
March 19.
Fiesta de San José. The people of the valley of Chiclayo coordinate liturgical acts, followed by folklore festivals and family reunions.
April 18.
Anniversary of the founding of Chiclayo.
July 22.
Divino Niño de Milagro. A four-day celebration that takes place in Eten, with religious and cultural activities.

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