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Koricancha: The extraordinarily crafted Temple of the Sun (Templo del Sol) at Koricancha was the most preferred temple in the Inca Empire. Around 4,000 priests and their attendants once lived within its confines.

Koricancha also served as the main astronomical observatory for the Incas.

In that time Koricancha means "courtyard of gold" in Quechua. In addition to hundreds of gold panels lining its walls, there were life-size gold figures, solid-gold altars, and a huge golden sun disc. The sun disc reflected the sun and bathed the temple in light. During the summer solstice, the sun still shines directly into a niche where only the Inca chieftain was permitted to sit.

Sacsayhuaman: Sacsayhuamán (also known as Saksaq Waman) is a walled complex near the old city of Cusco. Some believe the walls were a form of fortification, while others believe it was only used to form the head of the Puma that Sacsayhuamán along with Cuzco form when seen from above.

Pisac: Pisac is another Inca fortress, with its strategic position overlooking Rio Urubamba and two deep gorges and a mountain peak behind it, it looks remarkably similar to Machu Picchu, although the site is much smaller.

Písac is a Peruvian village in the Sacred Valley on the Urubamba River. One of its more notable features is a large pisonay tree which dominates the central plaza, the sanctuary of Huanca(sacred shrine), that normally is visit in september.

The Cathedral: The first Cusco Cathedral was built in 1539 at the Suntur Wasi, current Iglesia del Triunfo, but in 1560 there was an order to build a new cathedral on the Kiswir Kancha lot, palace of Inca Wiracocha.

Tipon: Tipon is said to be a royal garden commissioned by the Inca Wiracocha. It is one of the great elaborate examples of agricultural terracing created by the Incas. These tall terraces which run up the narrow valley are irrigated by an aqueduct from Pachatusan, the mountain above the site.

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