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Huaraz Travel Guide

Getting Huaraz

The city of Huaraz is located 420km north-east of Lima. There are no commercial flights between Lima and Huaraz so the only means of transport is by bus.

By Bus: Several bus services to Lima. The cost is USD 8-10 depending on the company and service. The journey time is about 7 hours. Bus companies that operate this route are Cruz del Sur, Expreso Ancash and Movil Tours. There is no central bus station.

There are several daily buses to and from Chimbote & Trujillo. Movil Tours and Transportes Linea, are the best (US$14, 9 hours to Trujillo), followed by Chinchaysuyo and Comite 14, all of which only travel by night, and continue to Trujillo. All night buses travel on the tar sealed road from Huaraz to Pativilca (Caral is near there) to the Panamerican Highway, midway between Trujillo & Lima.

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