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The city of Iquitos have several attractions:

San Juan: This is a native community situated south of Iquitos, where there is an important festival in commemoration of Saint John the Patron Saint, on June 24. Habitually Different typical dishes are offered.

Allpahuayo - Mishana Reserved Area: Located on the banks of the Nanay River, in the community of Mishana, in an area of approx 57,667. Established in 1999, to preserve eco-systems which are unique to the Peruvian Amazon Region. It's easy to reach this area, as it is near the Iquitos - Nauta road, and ideal for scientific research on the essential ecological processes of the tropical rain forest.

Santa Clara: Located on the banks of the Nanay River, 12 km from Iquitos. Its main attractions are its white sandy beaches, formed when the river ebbs, and its great beautiful landscape.

Pacaya Samiria National Reserve: Located in the area where the Ucayali and Marañon Rivers converge, this is the country’s largest reserve, with 2,080,000 ha. and the fourth in South America. It was established in 1982, to preserve the abundant and varied wildlife. It's countless lakes, swamps and aguajales serve as shelter to 132 species of mammals, mainly rodents and monkeys; 330 species of birds; approximately 220 species of fish, main source of protein for the inhabitants of the Region, and approximately 150 species of reptiles and amphibious animals. The Reserve can only be reached by river and it takes al least one week to visit it, including three days to access and exit the area.

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