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The city of Iquitos is only connected by air and water with the rest of the world and is indeed the largest town on the Amazon without road connections.

Land: Not recommended. However, once in Iquitos, there are trucks, buses and taxis, plus motorcyle taxis called motocarros. You'll find them at stands around the Plaza 28 de Julio.

Air: Iquitos is served by direct flights from Lima and other major cities of Peru. Iquitos also receives international flights from Miami. But most visitors prefer to fly into Lima on any of the international airlines, and then take a connecting flight to Iquitos. The Iquitos Airport is located 8 km from the city.

There are twice daily flights to Lima for USD 59 and also flights to Caballococha for USD 40.

Boat: There are several boats upstream to Pucallpa every two days or less, depending on the season, for around USD 25, taking between 3 and 7 days. The city of Iquitos is well connected by water to several destinations across the Amazon. Water taxis and boats line up along the shores of the Amazon River. Boats operate from several destinations in Peru, Colombia and Brasil to Puerto Masua, a short distance north of Iquitos.

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