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South of Nazca City:

Chauchilla: Pre-Inca cemetery, in which the profanation of tombs by the huaqueros, have left open some tombs in which you can appreciate the old inhabitants' remains. It is located at 28 km (17.4 miles) to the south of Nazca.

Estaquería: Archaeological place of the Nazca culture, solar observatory, on platforms made of adobes and columns of "huarangos", This archaeological place is near to Cahuachi.

Planetarium Maria Reich: The Nazca Lines show present Maria Reiche's theory, and the connection she found between the Nazca Lines and some astronomical events. She theorized the lines were oriented towards the places on the horizon where different celestial objects appeared and disappeared.

Cahuachi: It was a ceremonial center, a sacred destination of Nazca pilgrims. Normally each participating community demonstrated their true belonging to their religious community by banqueting, dancing and singing, thus explaining why in Cahuachi there is little garbage, while offerings abound (sacrificed llamas, pan flutes and musical drums and guinea pigs, fine textiles, human burials and pottery representing deities).

North of Nasca City:

Paredones: Archaeological Inca center, located at 2 km (1.24 miles) East of Nazca. Constructions of plazas, ceremonial center,deposits, fortresses.

Aqueducts of Nazca (Puquios): Archaeological remains of the Nazca culture, it shows the high development reached in hydraulic engineering, complex of underground reservoirs and aqueducts.

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