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The city of Pisco

The city of Pisco is a place blessed by nature. There are plenty of beautiful, clean beaches in the middle of a vast expanse of desert, with varying climates each year.

Pisco is located at around 220 km away from Lima (it's only a 3 hours bus ride to get here), Many people here are dedicated to handicrafts and industrial fishing activities. It is also one of the stops recommended as you head down the route towards the Nazca lines.

In the city is the Main Square, where people hang out and buy tejas, small sweets made from pecans and assorted dried fruits. Many different building that surround the Main Square are the statue of José de San Martín, the mansion he lived in, and the Municipal Palace. Other building in the city is the heavy Baroque Iglesia de la Compañía, begun in 1689.

The city of Pisco is known amoung travelers and tourists as "The Galapagos for the poor". The reason is that near the city, is the Paracas National Reserve, a large national park with a group of islands with lots of marine life.

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