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Uros: The city of Puno is surrounded by 41 floating islands, and to this day Uros still depend on the lake for their survival. The area surrounding the city was where the Aymara civilization started.

Taquile: Located to 30 km of the city of Puno. The inhabitants of this place, famous by their hospitality, even conserve their cultural patterns in their clothes and typical dances.

They are famous by its vests, shirts and other weaves by hand that can be acquired in their stores of crafts.

Lake Titicaca: This beautiful water mirror is between the territories of Peru and Bolivia, to a 3821 altitude of m.s.n.m., reason why the lake navigable upper of the world is considered.

With an approximated surface of 8560 kilometers square, long and wide averages 194 km and 65 km, respectively, registering a Maxima depth of 280 meters. The transparency is remarkable and the temperature centigrade annual average is of 13°.

Pucara: To 101 km to the north of the city Puno and to 1,45 hours approx in car. Its pottery has reached great reputation specially by its “Toritos de Pucará”.

Amantaní: Located 37 km from the port of the city Puno and about 4 hours 30 minutes motorboat ride, this island is also important for its ethnic and cultural value.

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