Peru travel guide


Peru Travel Guide

Red Tape & Visas

Tourists from North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and many others, see link below receive a visa upon arrival for up to 90 days.

When entering the country, you need to pass the immigration office (imigracion). There you get a stamp in your passport that states the number of days you are allowed to stay (usually 90 days). You can get an extension at immigration offices in any major city for 20US$ per month plus 26 soles administration fee. Make sure to take your time, don't expect things to be ready within less than an hour or even a day. The maximum extension allows you to stay for up to 180 days in total. When those 180 days are up and you would like to stay for longer, it's possible to cross the border to a neighbouring country (Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia or Chile) and return the next day and obtain another 180 days. Of course you can also leave the country before your first 90 days are over.

Requirements for U.S. Citizens to obtain visa for Peru

Business Travel
Your valid U.S. Passport
1 Visa Application Form, completed and signed
1 Passport-type photograph required
A letter from employer on letterhead to "Embassy of Peru, Visa Section, Washington D.C. explaining purpose of travel, business reference to be visited, and guaranteeing financial support and return transportation to the U.S. This letter should be signed by a company officer other than the applicant.

Tourist Travel
A valid U.S. Passport is required.
Visa not required for stay of up to 90 days.

Processing Instructions
Send the passport together with all completed requirements as detailed above to:

Travel Document Systems, INC., 925 Fifteenth Street N.W., Suite 300, WASHINGTON D.C., 20005

Your application will be checked and hand carried to the Embassy and is usually processed approximately in 48 hours.

The Peru business visa is usually issued for a single entry within three months from date of issue, for stay in Peru not to exceed 90 days.

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