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Trujillo Travel Guide

Trujillo Travel Guide

Trujillo is a city in northwestern Peru. It is located on the lower Moche River, near its mouth on the Pacific Ocean. Trujillo is the capital of the La Libertad Region. Trujillo was the first important city of Peru that proclaimed its independence of the Spaniards on December 20th , 1820.

Trujillo is situated in the fertile valley of Santa Catalina in an oasis bathed by the waters of the river Moche. The city of Trujillo has some magnificent mansions and many baroque churches belonging to the Spanish period. A city of balconies and iron grilles, it is pleasant and hospitable.

In the old times, the Chimus, Mochicas and inhabited the area. The Chimus left the most beautiful pre-Inca piece of architecture (the City of Chan-Chan). It's considered the biggest adobe construction of America. In the outskirts of the city, there are several significant cities as valuable as Chan-Chan. They are El Brujo, la Huaca Dragon and the Huacas of the Sun and the Moon. These constructions are very old pre Columbian constructions.

During republican times, the city developed thanks to agriculture, and big ranches producing sugar cane and cotton appeared.

However Trujillo is not only monuments and ranches; it is also a very joyful city, known as the home of Marinera, the most elegant dance of the country and a symbol for its people. The Peruvian Stepping Horse (Caballo Peruano de Paso) is another of Trujillo’s symbols.

If you visit the city, you must also go to the beaches, famous for the ancient Caballitos de Totora and for having the best waves for surfing. Trujillo has so many attractions that it is the place to visit on the coast of Peru.

North coast, 111.5 feet (34 m.) above sea level.

182.7 miles (294 km) from Cajamarca.
128 miles (206 km) from Chiclayo.
346 miles (557 km) from Lima.

Around 652,000 inhabitants

Trujillo Travel Guide
Trujillo Travel Guide
Trujillo Travel Guide
Trujillo Travel Guide

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