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Best of Trujillo

The Catedral: Located in Main Square, Ample temple that lodges valuable works of art such as an altarpiece, paintings of the Cuzqueña School and sculptures.

San Agustin: Located in the sixth block of the Jr. Marshal of Orbegozo. Pertaining to S. XVII, it has a greater golden wood altar and a baroque púlpito.

La Merced: Located in the fifth block of the Jr. Francisco Pizarro. La merced has a facade of superposed architectonic orders, the pechinas represent passages of the life of San Pedro Nolazco.

Casa de la Emancipación: Located in the Jr. Pizarro 610, the “Civic Sanctuary of Trujillo” is called, because it was in her where the Marquess of Torre Tagle developed the independence of the city in 1820.

Museo Catedratico: Located in Jr. Orbegoso 419, (cost of the Cathedral). It exhibits pictures and images of the virreinato, specially of religious type as well as objects of gold and silver

The environs of the city

Chan Chan: Located in the valley of Moche, to 5 km of the city and 10 minutes approx in car. It is the greatest city of mud of pre-Hispanic America. He was capital of the kingdom of the Great Chimú and its extension (20 km2) included from the proximities of the Port of Huanchaco to the Hill Bell, and esteem that it had more than 100.000 inhabitants. Their enormous walls profusely have been decorated with reliefs of geometric figures, and mitológicos beings.

Huaca del Sol: Located in the Countryside of Moche to 8 km of Trujillo, and 15 minutes approx in car. It is a pyramid staggered of more than 20 meters of height. According to the tradition it was constructed in only three days using 250.000 men and using approximately 70 million of marinate.

Huaca La Esmeralda: Located in the production cooperative “the Cortijo” to 3 km of the city of Trujillo and to 8 minutes approx in car. Composed of several superposed terraces to which it is acceded by inclines.

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