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Folklore Trujillo

The City of Trujillo and all the region the Libertad, has diverse own dances of the Peruvian North coast, between which without a doubt the northern sailor occupies a special place.

Trujillo is a center of popular expressions that are acquiring world wide category like the National Aid of sailor, competition of a typical dance that is originated in the ethnic mestization.

The Marinera dance, which stands, outs and has given Trujillo the title of "The Marinera Capital", is a lively, festive dance which ends every party, In January the National Aid of the marinera is made.

Caballos de Paso: Trujillo is also home to the Caballos de Paso, pacing horses, who are breeded to pace elegantly. There are special festivals for the Caballos de Paso, accompanied by marinera like music.

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