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Urubamba History

Urubamba is small pueblo is a cultural hot zone, inhabited mainly by Quechua-speaking Peruvians. From the food to the dress, it is apparent that Urubamba continue to follow the traditions of their ancestors, and are always happy to tell you about their Incan heritage.

Urubamba: The valley used to be sacred for the Inca's, it is still kind of sacred nowadays: for the local people who respect the valley and its history.

The valley is situated at about 2900 m in the Andes, but you can already feel the influence of the nearby Amazon basin.

The Valle Sagrado is the heart of the Inca civilisation.

Many Inca ruins canbe found here, like the famous ones at Ollantaytambo and Pisac, and most village sand towns still have an authentic Indian touch, with colourful people, market sand fiestas.

The Urubamba river was very important for the Inca's.

The Inca's also constructed sophisticated terraces along the steep mountains to grow their crops. These terraces are still in use and even now they are quite efficient. Reminiscence of the canalisation can still be found.

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