Peru travel guide


Peru Travel Guide

When to go?

Maybe a peak travel season for foreigners is in great part determined by weather.

Peru experiences two very distinct seasons, wet and dry, (summer and winter) Peru's high season for travel coincides with the driest months: May through October, with by far the greatest number of visitors in July and August. May and September are particularly fine months to visit much of the country. Airlines and hotels also consider the holiday period mid-December through mid-January as peak season.

Good time for visit is June to September, when days are sunny but nights are cold. The wettest months are January through March (when the Inca trail is often closed). The coast is quite hot and humid during those months, becoming cooler during the rest of the year by La Gara mist blown in from the cold ocean. As one moves up into the mountains, night-time temperatures become considerably colder. The eastern slope of the Andes, like the Amazon basin, experiences very heavy rainfall during the wet season, so best time to visit would be April to October.

Peru in Autumn

Temperature approx. 15C.
Begins in May.

Peru in Winter

Temperature approx. 13C.
Begins in June.

Peru in Spring

Temperature approx. 17C.
Begins in late September.

Peru in Summer

Temperature approx. 24C.
Begins in December.

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